PV made someone’s top ten!!!!! Highlights of 2011 as seen through our eyes…

To all of our Professional Victims family, friends and fans out there-first we’d like to THANK YOU for a GREAT year.

2011-you were so good to us.  So good that someone (*with good taste) listened and shared!  Check out this weeks Syracuse New Times favorite picks of 2011:

From our 2nd CD to be released Jan. 3rd “Motivational Speakers”, Worth the time took the #4 spot!

click here for the entire Top 10 suggestions for your earbuds…

PV counts down our Highlights of 2011-starting with #11!!!

11.  Made friends w/ Oxford band “A Silent Film” (#1 on Sirius, and my mixed CD’s) stayed in our home in Syracuse-gave us all their secrets-we’ll never tell!

10. Launched this very cool website that we can actually manage ourselves! (going to be a blogging fool!!!)

9. Completed recording/printing of”Motivational Speakers” big thanks to Moletrax East  and More Sound

8. Started writing songs for our NEXT CD…1/2 way there, Shawn and Ashley are racing to see who can write more songs…

7. Holding our spot at #3 on Reverbnation’s Alternative channel for Syracuse, NY

6. Opened up for Portland based Lovers in Rochester at The Bug Jar…and became big fans (Don’t you WANT ME!)…

5. Played a SLEW of festivals over the summertime, including one called Goat Fest.  Yes.  There was a goat, and he loved us.

4. Finally figured out how to use our confetti cannon (you’ll see more of this in 2012 folks-we make no apologies)

3. Ashley won an ipad in a dance contest in Vegas, and now Shawn can use it on his new IPB10 pedal board! Hooray for APPLE!!!!

2. Performed in Austin TX, at unofficial SXSW showcase at the legendary film maker Andrew Shapters home

1. Opened up for Bright Eyes and Mountain Goats at Papermill Island!!!!


Stay tuned for more “Best of’s”




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